Amy Mac is owned and operated by a team of amazing women and Amy's husband Josh (he's sort of like a brother to everyone). We LOVE that we can relate with the women we serve, so we focus on creating the type of shopping experience we would all want to have. While we work, and even when we aren't at work, we love to laugh and have fun together. You can see what it's like behind the scenes and get to know each of us more on our daily instagram stories. 


Amy is the founder and CEO of Amy Mac. She oversees marketing, sales, and the overall direction of Amy Mac, She also curates, models, and styles the clothing. She met her husband Josh when they were kids, they started dating in college, and have now been married 10 years. They have 3 children under the age of 5. She has a bachelors degree in Graphic Design and Art. She loves singing, going to the gym, watching romantic comedies, traveling to tropical locations, going out to dinner, and taking bubble baths. Her weaknesses are brownies, cookie dough and peanut butter M&Ms. 


Josh is the co-founder and “lots of other things” of Amy Mac. He manages the team and technical systems. He had a crush on Amy as a kid, got up the courage to ask her out in college, and she stood him up on the first date... somehow it worked out! He has a bachelors degree in E-Business, making him and Amy the perfect team. Josh is the world’s best dad and Amy’s best friend. He loves boating, embarrassing others, laughing until it hurts, serving others, and is always up for any adventure. 


Brittany is our "woman behind the curtain" lead customer service and fulfillment manager. She does everything from customer service, fulfilling orders, ordering products, receiving and organizing merchandise, website & app listings, and she runs the tech for the live sales in the morning. She's 24 and married to an awesome guy. They don't have kids yet but they do have a cat who keeps them entertained. She loves being outside and being around her friends and family. She speaks fluent Japanese, loves rock climbing and repelling, and is from Alaska. She recently started a construction business with her husband so she stays very busy. She loves to work hard and play harder.


Sydney, better know as Syd, is one of our amazing customer care and fulfillment managers. She helps with customer service by answering questions, shipping, making sure our inventory is up-to-date, and adding new items to our website. She comes from a family of 9, there are 7 kids and she's the 3rd oldest. She loves bowling and watching movies and anytime she can be in a swimsuit is a good time -- pool, beach, lake -- give her all of it!! She loves traveling and experiencing new things. Change is fun to her. But she hates surprises and she gets startled easily and people tend to take advantage of that. She lived in Nebraska for 18 months while serving a church mission. She's attending a local university and will be graduating this semester with a general associates degree.


Chelsie is one of our fabulous models. You've seen her model clothes for the Live sales as well as in photos on our app and website. She also plans our fun monthly "work fam" events! She has 2 sons and 2 dogs (a girl frenchie and a boy Pomeranian/pug.) She is a certified nail technician and does nails aside from working at Amy Mac. That is how her and Amy met! She loves to run mud runs such as Spartan Races, Mud terrains, dirty dash, etc. She loves sunshine, pizza, and water sports. She hates being cold. She is terrified of horses and snakes. She has been happily married to her husband for 13 years.


Tori is one of our rockstar customer care and fulfillment managers. She communicates with Amy Mac customers, manages inventory, uploads new products and ships orders. She hates skittles and loves a nice Chick-Fil-A frosted lemonade. She loves treating herself to a good spa day complete with gel nails, face mask, foot mask... the works. She has a degree in Fashion Merchandising and Product Development, so she loves seeing the ins and outs of retail and being involved behind the scenes.  


Skyler, usually goes by Sky, is one of our amazing models. You've seen her model clothes for the Live sales as well as in photos on our app and website. She loves trying on the clothes and letting everyone know what size she would recommend! She loves sitcoms, crafts and home projects, hot tamales, yogurt covered pretzels, and popcorn. She's a mom to 3 kids who are her life!! Her husband is her best friend. She has a dog who is a hound/border collie mix and she loves him just like he is one of her kids! She loves to travel and wants to see a lot of places in this beautiful world. She is also a total homebody and usually prefers to stay home rather than going out! 


Sarah is our Marketing Manager. She conducts market research and helps develop and implement our marketing strategy. Sarah has worked in PR/Marketing since she was in college, so about 10 years, and she loves it! She's married to a cutie named Ken and they have a little girl named June Barbara, after her two great-grandmothers. She likes to watch movies, go to sporting events, hangout with friends and family, and she recently got back into running and she just ran a half marathon on her 31st birthday! She is addicted to the Edward Marc Coconut Chocolate Almonds from Costco and loves a good spa day!  


Marina is one of our beautiful models. She models clothes for the live sales as well as in photos on our app and website. She loves M&M cookies and super buttery popcorn. She loves being a mama to her two crazy toddler boys. She is a lot of fun to be around and has some serious dance moves. She likes to spend her spare time watching Tik Toks, going to the gym, watching Netflix, sharing funny memes, and napping.