After becoming a mom I found myself in a style dilemma. I had my cute clothes for work and date nights, and my comfy clothes that I’d be embarrassed to even answer the door wearing. The more I was home with my kids, the more my frumpy clothes became my daily uniform, and the more my self esteem and personal sense of style took a hit. My body would change with each pregnancy and I didn’t like how I looked in my clothes that used to be my favorite.

Why couldn’t clothes be cute, comfy, flattering through all stages of life, and affordable? I knew it wasn't enough to find some pieces here and there for myself, there needed to be a one stop source for women who felt this way, too. So with my idea and Josh's can-do attitude, we started Amy Mac. 

At Amy Mac, we focus on styles that are comfortable and easy to wear, but are still totally on-trend and put-together! Our collection is curated with versatile pieces for the way we really live. We've taken the guesswork out of styling for you and we make sure that everything you buy from Amy Mac leaves you feeling stylish, confident, and comfortable!

I grew up sewing and designing clothes with my mom. I wanted to be a fashion designer or own a clothing boutique when I grew up, but that never seemed like something a mom could do, and a mom is what I wanted to be most. But, God knew what I needed. I truly believe He lead me to this business to bless the lives of my family and women similar to me. I absolutely love what I do! I hope that as you shop at Amy Mac you feel my heart and care in every step of the experience and find clothes that make you feel stylish and confident every day. You truly deserve to feel your best! 


Amy Mac